Monday, 13 June 2011

YouTube Game

We started filming and so far its going great, its also really good fun, we hired Harley's brother as an actor to support the idea of our game, not giving anything away yet though.
I had to make a desk last week for our project due to not being able to get a new or second hand one because of funds.

Quiz Quest 2011

We decided to re-structure the whole idea of our game, instead of having the impossible youtube quiz we decided to make an original idea called Quiz Quest inwhich we have an adventure with question randomly thrown in.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Our Presentions

This is where we showed the other interactive youtube games, that we had looked at.

This is a game that we found that was like what we plan to make.

this shows some of the results that we picked up when
we did the quetionnaire.

these give short descriptions of what we were planning to do. 

This is what was going to happen to the videos that we created,
so we knew all the facts about each one

This Shows the equipment and software that we were planning to use
to make each video and each set of qestions. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The impossible YouTube quiz game

Our plan is to create a YouTube version of the impossible quiz; we will have a look at what quiz type games are available on YouTube at this time. We shall look at the games to find out what makes them good and what makes bad.

this game is the The Impossible YouTube Quiz: An Interactive Game
which i found very good but very easy to cheat on compared to other games, we also found while we play the time we had to answer question was short which made the game fun but we were able to use the pause feature to stop which made the game boring. The questions and tile of the game was brilliant and we found a lot of the questions were pretty hard but that was good.
I thought that the Impossible YouTube quiz game was ok, it didn’t carry the same theme as the normal one on the internet which was a bit disappointing, although the questions were still random as hell.
When playing the already existing impossible quiz game I realized its potential hadn’t yet been reached. There were many problems with their existing quiz mainly the time limit was too small this encouraged cheating. Another problem with the quiz was that the answers for the questions were sometimes too hard causing me too lose interest. Good things about this game was that the hidden answers where actually hidden by the white background and not sticking out because of the box, as a whole I was very impressed but still think we can improve on it

Key points that is good.
·         Good amount of questions
·         Fun questions
·         Hard questions
·         Simple questions
·         Time limit
Key points which we think are bad
·         The game is simple to cheat as the reset of the questions are on the right hand side
·         You can cheat with time limit by pausing
·         Some of the boxes text you can’t see
·         Some time limits are too fast
·         You can see the click boxes when the video is loading

With the key points nailed we can have a look at our plan and change it so that we can include the good points and get rid of the bad ones, one of the bad points of when the video loads up you can see the buttons are plan is to have a blank page for a second or so or even to have a

Super Mario Interactive Adventure Game!

Is another game that we had a look at and thought making as the game took a lot simple video clips and put them together, compared to the other games this one dose not have any large amount of animation which will make our job a lot easier but would take more time to film. The video advanture had many good and bad points but, I thought overal it was very good and the actors added hummour to the video which keeps the viewer intreseted in the video for longer and so people will watch the video to the end.

I think the adaventure was fun and exiting and pretty funny which was great keeping me envolved in the video to the end. But the video was easy to cheat and get all the right answer as the video’s are all in order on the right. Which is a let down for the video and made me think that the video's were worse than they actually were.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Youtube Channel

YouTube Channel

The impossible Youtube Game channel is up and running, harley is working on the theme of the project and adam is doing the youtube background.  Tom is looking at other interactive youtube videos looking at whats good and whats bad, allowing us to use the good parts and try and cut out the bad. Mat is working on the blog trying to get it set up and working, also is getting some basic templates for the story board.